Apparently my 2 year old LOVES the Easter Bunny

Can we all agree the Easter Bunny can be a little bit creepy?  The big eyes staring at you, the outfit covered in colorful eggs. The sheer size of the bunny.  But definitely mostly the eyes.  I know a lot of little kids are terrified of the giant bunny, and I can't blame them, but not my kid,  nope he LOVED the Easter Bunny.  In fact, he wouldn't leave him alone.  He wouldn't even let other kids have their chance to sit with the bunny without photobombing them.  He could have cared less about the egg hunt, or the candy in the eggs, or the juice boxes.  He wanted to hang with the Easter Bunny the entire time we were there.  

We eventually bribed him with donuts and the promise of dying easter eggs to get him to leave.  The dying of the eggs was almost as much of a hit as the bunny himself.  He mostly loved dropping the eggs in and swishing his hands around in the dye.  The eggs all turned out to be rather pale, apparently a 2 year old doesn't have the patience to let them soak up the coloring. 

Once that favorite little bunny of ours paid a visit to our house, he left things like paint in his basket.  Funny little bunny he is.  We had to try out the paint immediately, good thing it was washable paint, as I had to wash it out of his mouth.  I think its safe to say Easter may be one of his favorite holidays yet.

painting fun-1.jpg
painting fun-2.jpg
painting fun-3.jpg