Should I hire a fresh 48 photographer?

Have you ever thought, shouldn’t I just use the hospital photographer for my hospital pictures, why would I hire an outside photographer?

Well I personally don’t think so. Let me tell you why. When my first son was born I didn’t know the difference. I didn’t know that fresh 48 photographers existed and I didn’t know how the quality of the hospital photographer was lacking.

Professional Photographer vs. Hospital Photographer

Now…I’m not saying all hospital photographers are terrible, but I had them come for both of my children and neither of them were good. Did I realize it at first? No, I didn’t. But now that I have dove head first into the world of photography and have soaked up tons of education over the past four years I look back at my first son’s hospital session photos (which I have on canvases in my house, again because I didn’t know) and I cringe. They are over exposed, the details are lost, the highlights are blown and it makes me sad now.

The hospital photographer doesn’t set a time up with you so they just pop in periodically to see if you are ready. It doesn’t provide the new mom time to freshen up if she wants to, you could have visitors, it may just not be the right time. Then they take a few quick pictures with their minimal set up (ours had a basket and a plain white sheet). Off they go to edit, and deliver the photos later that day.

How is a professional photographer different?

Not that the hospital photographer isn’t a professional, but they are hired by large companies, you don’t know about their experience, actually, you don’t know them at all! It is an intimate space and time to invite someone you don’t know well into.

When hiring a fresh 48 photographer, you get to choose who you want and who you are comfortable with. What time you want them there, you can coordinate the time with someone watching your older child so you can capture the siblings meeting for the first time. You an make sure you take a minute for yourself to freshen up too!

Most importantly, when you hire a photographer, you know who you are getting, you can study their work, make sure you like it, make sure you will want it on your walls many years down the line. Its important to choose who you want!

For all these reasons, I believe its a better idea to hire your own photographer! You will have photos to cherish for life!

Jacksonville, FL. Fresh 48 photographer. Kristin Grover Images
Kristin Grover Images. Fresh 48 session. Jacksonville, FL
Kristin Grover Images. Fresh 48 Session. Jacksonville, FL newborn photographer