The Smitka Family | Beach Family Session | Ponte Vedra, FL Photographer

Missing the Beach

Have you ever moved away from home and missed something about "home"? Or maybe you vacation at the beach or another special place every year with your family and you miss it during the year.  That is the beach for me.  When I moved to Seattle 7 years ago, I underestimated how much I would miss the beach.  I missed my family and friends fiercely, and I expected I would.  I lived close to the beach my entire life so I took it for granted, I didn't realize how much I would miss the serenity of the beach.  

My Family Traditions

My grandparents lived in the Pensacola beach area along with several other family members, so as a child my entire family would go to Pensacola to vacation together.  I grew up spending a good portion of my summers on the beach with my cousins that lived in Michigan.  There were so many of us we slept on air mattresses throughout the house.  You were the lucky one if you got the couch in the living room for your bed, it was the most comfortable couch!  Living so far away from cousins, we could have easily lost touch.  But my family is close, and my cousins are some of my best friends, perhaps thats why i'm so nostalgic about the beach.  I'm going to venture to say my cousins might just feel the same way about the beach.

Fast forward a few decades, my cousins still come to FL to vacation and visit.  And now, I get to take their family photos.  Guess where they picked to have them done? The beach! Guess where my favorite location to do a family session is? The beach! I'm sure that will change as  time goes on and i've been back home for a longer period of time, but for now, the beach is my happy place.