The First Vendor to Book for your Wedding Day | Kristin Grover Images | Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

You are getting married! It is so exciting and such a fun day to plan. Of course, I know it can be stressful, and maybe it isn’t fun for you. By hiring the correct professionals, it can really ease the stress of planning your wedding day. A lot of times, when you hire the first professional, they will have a list of preferred vendors. Companies they have worked with and know will be a good fit. That is what makes hiring the first professional so important.

For me, the photographer was the most important person for me to book. I was not a photographer when I got married, but I have always had a deep appreciation for beautiful photography and I knew how important it was to love my images. I had an idea of some locations I wanted and when I visited those locations, they had preferred photographers they had worked with. That is how I chose my photographer!

  1. Decide the most important thing to you for your wedding day. Is it your flowers, food, photographer, location?

  2. Decide if you want a wedding planner (which I highly recommend) A lot of wedding planners also have a list of preferred vendors.

  3. Visit some different locations, they will have photo albums and you can get an idea of different vendors and weddings they have worked at that location

I would love to work with you on your wedding day. I am more then happy to share all my knowledge about who I have worked with in the industry.

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