Finding new photoshoots location

Is my City Pretty?

Have you ever looked at your friends photos and think, that location is so pretty, I want my family photos done somewhere like that park!  Sometimes you look around and can't possibly think of anywhere pretty enough in your city for family photos.


Maybe you want something on the water, but everyone does beach photos, and you want something different.  What about your friend who looked like they were in the forest? That was so pretty! How about those antique buildings you saw in that blog post that one time?  What a cool idea?


I am here to tell you, we can make that all happen! As a photographer, it is my job to know what locations work and what locations don't work.  You may pass by a spot on the side of the road and never give it a second thought, but it turns out those photos you saw with gorgeous golden grass were taken right there.


You may not think your city is pretty, but every city has some incredible locations, and as a photographer, I know where to look and find these locations. 


You may be thinking right now, what is her point?  My point is this.  When you book your family photos with me, I want to hear what inspires you, what you loved about your friends family photos and what you didn't like.  I want to know about your hobbies and the likes and dislikes of all your family members.  This all helps me determine the perfect location for your family.


Jacksonville, FL Locations


I grew up in Jacksonville, but when I was growing up I wasn't a photographer, I was a lot like you, wondering what made those photos so gorgeous?  I moved away to Seattle 6.5 years ago and it was the best move for my photography career.  Why is that you ask?  Well I was new to the city, I was in explore mode, I was looking for what made locations gorgeous.  I noticed the light, the trees, or city line, how crowded locations were, the cool old buildings, that deserted warehouse.  It taught me how to look at a city I grew in, in a totally new way.


A Park on the Water


I got to this location a little early, we were doing an early morning session this day, so I got to watch the sun rise over the St. Johns River, and it was gorgeous!  As I sat there watching it, I wished my family had shown up early so we could have gotten some amazing sunrise photos.  Of course this momma had 4 kids to get out the door for a sunrise photo shoot, so early was not happening.  I was impressed enough she was on time!  I also just loved the draping spanish moss at this park, it is one of those beautiful things that makes me love being a photographer in Florida.

Check out the Sullivan Family's photos below at one of my new favorite locations!