The Best of 2017 | 2018 Goals with Kristin Grover Images

2017 was one for the books, both personally and professionally.  I had my second baby in February, I quit my full time "day job" to focus on my kiddos and growing my photography business, I went head first into photography and haven't looked back, we moved across the country from Seattle to Jacksonville (where I am from), and I am soaking up all the time with my family and friends that I have desperately missed over the past 6 years.  It has been a busy year and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

My Personal Goals

I have learned some things about myself in the process and have set some 2018 goals to foster this knowledge.  Having two kids is hard work, especially a toddler and a baby, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I learned this year that when my fuse is short and my temper flares, I am not taking care of myself.  So a goal for 2018, take care of myself.  I know every mom out there with young kids gets it when I say, sometimes showers just don't happen.  In 2018, they are happening! The simple task of getting ready in the morning, putting clothes and makeup on set my day up for success.  

I also learned that pregnancy just hides my dairy intolerance, it doesn't just go away.  This year I am focusing on a healthier, dairy free diet, and getting myself back in the kitchen to explore with new recipes and healthy food.  The ease of takeout has taken a toll on my body and I cannot let that happen anymore.  I will be healthier and happier when I am cooking food to fuel my body, not just to curb the current hunger in our busy lives.

I don't feel like these personal goals are too much.  I know a lot of people make resolutions and don't stick with them, I don't want to do that.  These things I want to focus on in 2018 are for me, to make me healthier and happier for my family.  There will definitely be obstacles along the way, so I would love it if you shared your favorite dairy free, healthy, family friendly recipes! Bonus if they are 30 minutes and under....because kids...

Professional Goals

A professional realization I had this year was that I am addicted to education.  Clickin Moms does and fantastic job at marketing their classes and breakouts because I want to buy them all.  I just love it.  Soaking in new information, trying new techniques, and growing as a photographer from continuing education is something I really really enjoy.  I'm taking Megann Robinson's course on the bloom forum this January and I am SO EXCITED.  Her work is amazing, the colors and tones she gets really speak to my heart, I can't wait to dive into her course.  However in 2018, I cannot spend all my profit on education.  That just would not be a wise business decision.  I have a couple big things coming up this year, with Megann's course in January and the Click Away conference in February, I do not plan on buying anymore big courses.  I want to dive into the material I already have and go over it again.  I'm sure I can learn new things from courses I have already taken, I have grown a lot as a photographer since the beginning.  a 2018 goal for me is to cap my education expenditures and dive into course material I already own to learn more.

Book Recommendations

I recently read a book called Business Boutique, by Christy Wright.  It was recommended by a friend of a friend at a kid's bday party so I didn't think much of it for awhile, until I saw it at the library and picked it up.  Wow, this book is incredible.  My best read of 2017, and a goal for 2018 (In January to be exact) is to go back through the book and write out a business plan for the year.    I am not reading a book on SEO, not my favorite subject but a necessity.  Next on my list is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Check out the links below (affiliated with amazon) to view these books and get your copy!  

What books do you recommend? Are they business related or fun reads? I like both!  Comment below with your recommendations! 


One of the things through my business course I took this year and the books I have read is that I need to be consistent with blogging.  It helps you, my clients, get to know me.  Its a great way to share my work and my thoughts.  Even if they are just lifestyle photos of my kids, I plan on blogging and sharing more in 2018.  What do you want to see me write about? Any topics you want me to share?

Project 52

A couple years ago I attempted a project 365.  I quit by February or March.  I was working full time and living in Seattle and when I got home, it was dark.  I got frustrated with the lack of light and taking a photo everyday and I quit.  I regret this.  I wish I had gotten creative with artificial light, tried new things, just picked up my camera everyday.  I know I would have grown more as a photographer.  This year, I'm doing a project 52.  That's one lifestyle photo a week.  I'll be sharing those on the blog weekly too.  A project 52 seems much more manageable the a 365, so I'm very excited, I took some last night when the kids got home from daycare so I'm excited to start editing those and start sharing! Stay tuned to see more every week.


In short, I don't have too many crazy goals for the year. Take care of myself, cook more, pick up my camera more, don't spend so much money, and share more.  I can do that right? Will you all help me stay on track? I hope so!  

My 2017 Families

Thank you to all my families and seniors who hired me in 2017 to be part of your year.  It truly means so much to me.  I'm looking forward to photographing you all in 2018 and meeting some new families as well.  Thanks for reading my long post today! Here are my favorite photos from 2017!!! I realize I haven't even blogged some of these family sessions yet.  Stay tuned for more from those.

Now, I'm off to my first shoot of 2018, a fresh 48 session, my favorite!!!!