Downtown Jacksonville, FL Photo shoot | The Riding's Family | Kristin Grover Images

Downtown Jacksonville Photo shoot

I love this family! I have known them for going on ten years now, when it was just Erin and Matt and no kids.  I met them through a mutual friend many years ago.  When she asked me to do their family photos I was ecstatic.  Her kids are the cutest and I knew they would be up for some fun.  She mentioned doing an urban shoot and mixing it up a little and I jumped on the chance.  A lot of people like photo shoots in parks or natural settings.  I love those photo shoots as well, but as an artist, doing something different is always on the top of my list.

A Beautiful City

Jacksonville is a beautiful city.  The skyline is so unique, the bridges add a punch of color and the glistening river adds to the beauty of the city.  You might thing, downtown Jax? ick...I know I know, I grew up here, I get it, but really look at our city, it really is gorgeous! 

Where did we go?

We started at the top of a parking garage, headed over to the antique Florida Theater for a vintage feel, and then walked around the city.  It was a cold morning in November and the kids were freezing, so we played lots of games and ran a ton to help keep them warm.  I think I succeeded! At least for a little while.

Do you Want an Urban Photo Shoot?

I would love to do another downtown shoot.  If you are a high school senior or a family looking for a downtown urban shoot, give me a call so we can get you on the books!

Check out some of my favorites from the Riding's family session.  It   was hard to choose just a few so i'm oversharing on this one.