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Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to get family photos done, but I want to lose five more pounds, or wait until my hair is just a bit longer, or the baby is sitting up on her own. I think most people do. I know I do! In fact, I desperately need to get my headshots done again, but I JUST had a baby. Well let me tell you the perfect time to get those family photos done. It’s is right now!

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Right now is the right time

Ok, I bolded and italicized the answer for you so you didn’t have to keep reading, but I hope you are still reading! Why do I think right now is the right time? Life is busy you guys. So busy! I barely have time to remember to breathe every day (seriously, my watch is constantly reminding me). If I put off family photos, they would keep getting put off, and before I know it I won’t have three little kids, i’ll have three teenagers. My kids are cute as heck right now. I’m not being biased, really i’m not. They are really stinking cute, and I want to remember them how they are right now.

I don’t want to put photos off because for me, photography holds a lot of value. I decorate my house in photos. I hope you do too. I want you to put all the photos I take of your family all over your walls. And guess what, I can help you design that.

Take a walk through my house, or my parents house. There are photos everywhere. You guys, i’m running out of wall space. But I can’t possibly take any down. I love them all! It makes my heart so happy to walk around and see all the photos of my family that we have had done over the past 6 years.

But I’m not my best right now

Momma, I hear you, I get it. You want to look and feel your best for family photos. But hear me out. You will get those photos too. You’ll meet your goals, you’ll be at your best yet. And we will do your family photos when that time comes. But don’t forget to capture your family now, as they are, in the stage of life they are all in. They want to see you as you in their life all the time.

The Curry Family Photos

This family right here was so much fun to work with. I know them through my son’s preschool and they are such a sweet sweet family. The oldest son is being stationed in another country for a couple years so this momma wanted to make sure she documented her family before he left. She knew she wouldn’t regret it, and I think she was right! Her family has so much personality and it really came out in their photos. And now she has these to hold onto forever. She can pick up her album from her session and flip through it and see her son’s face whenever she wants when he isn’t home. That would make my heart happy! Check out more from the Curry family session below.

And most importantly, don’t forget, book your photos now!