Summer Break Before Your Senior Year | Kristin Grover Images | Jacksonville, FL Senior photographer

You just finished your junior year of high school. It’s your last summer break before entering your senior year of high school and subsequently going to college or entering the work force. This is the time to make memories. This is the time to spend with friends. This is the time to save money for college (trust me on this one). Now what?

Preserve your Memories with Senior Photos

On location senior photography is relatively new and I hope the trend stays around! When I was in high school we went to the local studio and took some cheesy senior photos. Of course I loved them back then, but they didn’t tell my story. No one can look at them and say, this is Kristin, she was a swimmer, she cherished her friendships, she enjoyed swimming, kids, piano, and volunteer work. I look at them and say, why am I wearing blue fur around my shoulders?

Lets do something different! When you book your senior photos with me, I will send you a quetsionairre, I want to get to know you. Lets tell your story. Who are you, where are you going. What are your hobbies, who are your friends and what do your friendships look like? Lets do your session somewhere you love to be. Lets include the people you never want to forget.

Football player? Cheerleader? Soccer? Swimming? Basketball? Wear your jersey or uniform. Lets preserve that memory. Already know what school you are going to? Grab a school tshirt and lets take a photo. Wear your school colors, wear your favorite outfit, go to your favorite places.

The Right Time to Take Senior Portraits

THIS is the right time. This summer, right now. Senior year will get crazy, you’ll have so much to do to prepare for your departure into the “real world” lets make sure we create the session you are envisioning now so we can put all our effort into it. This is called a senior portrait experience. And I want to make sure when you look back at your senior portraits, you have fond memories of your time in high school. SO LET’S DO THIS!

Check out some of these sweet friends at the beach. They are both life guards so the beach was fitting for them.