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I am photographing weddings in North Florida and Georgia now. Have you recently noticed i’ve been posting some wedding photos and thought, hey what’s up with that, I didn’t know she photographed weddings? Well, honestly, I was starting to photograph weddings in Seattle, but when we moved I held off on starting that side of the business here. No longer am I holding off though. I have and will be taking on wedding clients going forward!

Why did I decide to do Weddings again?

Well, I love them. I love all things weddings and I always have. I love the flowers, and music choices, dresses, and personalities, and of course love. I veered away from doing them when we first moved because it’s a lot of work. Between finding jobs, housing, and settling the kids to a new home. Then having another baby, I knew I didn’t have the time or energy to put into photographing a wedding and giving my clients everything they deserved.

Now that we are settled, I knew it was time to expand what I was working on. I started taking wedding clients again about a year ago and am excited for the weddings coming up this year.

What adding weddings looks like for the rest of my business

If you have been following me on my instagram or facebook for awhile you have probably noticed I primarily photograph high school seniors, newborns, and families. So what will this do for the rest of my business? Nothing! I will still photograph all the above categories as well. A lot of photographers specialize in one area or another, and truth be told, I like photographing a variety of everything. It keeps me fresh and keeps me from getting bored. I could never give up a senior session or a newborn, because I love photographing those. Families are just as important to me to capture the interactions and relationships between my clients.

An Elopement

Last month, I photographed my first elopement. Brandi and Ryan are such a sweet couple and their vows made me cry behind my camera! They also made the officiant cry. They are so sweet and their love is really true. I was so happy to be there to document their wedding day.

They have been together for several years and engaged for three. They finally decided to elope and get married and the day fit their personalities and their relationship perfectly. I couldn’t be more thankful for being invited into their day to document their wedding. Check out some of my favorites from their day!

St. Augustine Wedding-Kristin Grover Images-Jacksonville, FL wedding photographer
Kristin Grover Images-Wedding Photographer-St. Augustine, FL wedding photographer
Kristin Grover Images-St. Augustine wedding photographer-Jacksonville, FL wedding photographer
Kristin Grover Images Wedding Photographer-Jacksonville, FL weddings
Kristin Grover Images-Downtown St. Augustine Wedding-Jacksonville, FL wedding pphotographer
Kristin Grover Images Wedding Photographer-Jacksonville, FL Weddings-St. Augustine, FL wedding
Casa De Solano Elopement-Kristin Grover Images-Jacksonville, FL Weddings- St. Augustine, FL weddings
Kristin Grover Images Wedding Photographer-St. Augustine, FL

Do you know someone engaged? Send them my way!