What makes booking with Kristin Grover Images different | Kristin Grover Images, a Jacksonville, FL Photographer

Booking with Kristin Grover Images is a smooth process meant to take the pressure of you, the client, so you can enjoy the session and all of the communication leading up to and following. Photographers seem to be a dime a dozen these days. The shift from film to digital photography has made it more attainable for people to pick up the camera and take amazing photos. I’m included in that category. When my first born was a baby, I picked up the camera to capture him. He was my reason. Having the photos to look at him all around the house made my heart happy! So why book with me, if I’m like so many others?

What is a photoshoot to you?

I take my work very seriously.

This is not a quick photoshoot for you just to grab a couple photos, you want to capture your family, tell your family story, remember your kids expressions when they are 1, 5, 10, 15 years old, whatever their age is. Kids grow so fast! I have three myself now. My oldest always ask me what he was like when he was a baby and he loves looking at his baby photos. He always ask how he is the same or different from his baby sister. Having those photos for him to look back on already makes a difference in his short 4 years of life! My point is, it’s important. It’s important to your family story to get the shoot, and I take that seriously. I want to preserve your memories just the way I have preserved my family memories.

Once I had explored the camera with my own kids, I realized that I wanted to provide the same service to other people. If you walk into my house, it is covered in photos. photos I have taken, ones my wedding photographer took, photos from other photographers who have done our family photos over the past several years. I value them more than I can really put into words. Because I feel that way about what photography means to me, I value it for your family.

What does working with Kristin Grover Images look like?

Well first and foremost, I will answer your emails and questions within a day. Life gets busy, and I know if you have something on your mind, you want an answer quickly so you don’t forget (or is that just me?)! I am best with email over the phone because I have small kids. But I will always answer all of your questions as quickly as possible. From the first email and inquiry from you to me, I will answer, send over any information you requested and direct you to my website with the answer to a lot of questions.

We will pick a date and location. I always have location suggestions, as well as times I like to do shoots in those locations. The sun will be different in different places, so I know the best times to have shoots at these times!

After we nail down date, time, and location, I will send over a contract and proposal, you sign, pay the retainer and the date is yours.

I will send you style guides, make outfit recommendations and will be available to take a look at any outfits you are considering.

I will ask you to tell me about your family, your kids, what they think is funny etc. This helps me connect with them during the shoot and get more genuine expressions from them.

What happens during the family photoshoot

This one is easy, we have fun. I will ask you ahead of time to tell me about your family and give me any clues about your kids that will help them open up to me. We will get any “formal” shots you may want, and then we will play. We will explore the location, throw rocks into water, pick flowers, run circles, play games, and just play, these are always some of my favorite photos because we are capturing and telling your families story.

What happens after the shoot

You go home and relax, and I get to work! Depending on the package your purchase, you will have your digitals delivered to you within two weeks max. Or you will have another preview session with me within a few days of your shoot to order your print products. Once all your photos are edited, I will order your products and delivery them to you!

If you are happy, I would love for you to write a review. So past clients, get out there and write those reviews!

Take a peak and some of this beautiful family from last weekend.