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Time for Senior Portraits



If you are a junior in high school it is time to start thinking about your senior portrait experience.  What do you want it to include, what locations sound appealing to you, how many outfits do you want?


Most high school students have their senior portraits taken during the summer before their senior year starts.  The weather is usually better and with all of the school year activities, this is the best time to really devote to your senior portraits.


What is a Senior Model Team?


Have you ever heard about senior model teams and wondered what it was all about and how to become a senior model?  If you want the best senior portrait experience available, then this is the route to go.


How does it work?


The main objective of being a senior model is to be the face of Kristin Grover Images Senior Team.  You will be responsible for bringing referrals to Kristin Grover Images, and in return you will earn a fun senior year portrait experience with stylized shoots, friend photo shoots, prom, homecoming, and cap and gown photo shoots, gift cards towards your favorite restaurants, and money off your senior portraits.


During the winter of your junior year I will put out an application to become a senior model representative.  I will hold interviews and select a few senior models from each high school.  The application will include questions about your high school, the activities you participate in, your activity on social media, why you want to be a senior model, what you like about my work etc.


After interviews are held (with the senior and parent), I will select my team. 


Shortly after the team selection we will hold our first photo shoot with the entire team!  This will be your preview shoot, you will use these images to advertise to your friends to start bring in referrals.  


How you bring in referrals is completely up to you, You can tell your friends and hand out representative cards (which I will provide). You can post on social media, you can simply tell your friends about Kristin Grover Images.  You can put as much effort as you want into it, the more referrals you bring in, the more you earn towards your senior photos and other incentives throughout the year.  


Check out some of the photos from last years senior rep team! We had so much fun during the year and I'm looking forward to a new Senior Model team for 2019 Seniors!

Fill out this application located here to become a 2019 Senior Model for Kristin Grover Images.

Emily's Senior Session | North Bend, WA | Jacksonville, FL Senior Photographer

I had the greatest group of senior models this year.  They were all a stand up group of people and I'm so honored they chose me to be their senior photographer.  They all played sports, danced, and were a part of their church.  They were also some of the best babysitters I've ever had! bonus points!

Why I love photographing high school seniors

There is certainly something inspiring about this group of kids.  I always leave senior sessions feeling a bit invigorated.  They are always so much fun.  They are still kids but they are about to be adults in the big world.  They are excited about that, but also excited to be seniors in high school, and it all radiates off of them.  I love capturing that last year of childhood for them (and for their parents more importantly). I also love how the world of senior photography has changed since I was in high school.  Gone are the days, where we all went to a studio, put on a black dress or suit and held our red rose while we smiled at the camera.  Thank goodness for that!  Senior sessions today are so much more beautiful, timeless, something I would want on my wall forever.

Snoqualmie Valley, WA

I called this place home for 4 years.  It was such a beautiful place to live and an amazing backdrop for all my photoshoots.  Emily and I started out at Gillman Village where they brought in historical old buildings to make up the shopping center.  A very fun place for a photoshoot!  We then headed over to meadowbrook farm, which is a bit iconic for the valley and adds to some already amazing photos.  Emily then led us to one of her favorite spots by the river where she hangs out with her friends, bonus points that we captured a gorgeous sunset here!  Emily, her mom, and I had such a blast for her senior photo experience.  I hope you enjoy some of these from her session!

Jacksonville, fl senior photographer. Kristin Grover Images. Emily's senior session
Emily's senior session. Kristin Grover Images.  Jacksonville, FL senior photographer
Gillman village, issaquah Washington. Kristin Grover Images. Jacksonville, FL senior photographer
Emily's senior session, North Bend, WA, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, FL senior photographer
Emily's senior session, north bend, wa, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer
emily's senior session, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer
Emily's senior session, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer, kristin grover images
Emily's senior session, Jacksonville, FL senior photographer, kristin grover images
emily's senior session, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer, kristin grover images
Kristin Grover Images, Emily's senior session, Jacksonville, fl Senior photographer
Emily's senior session, hats, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer