My Son's Two Year Old Portraits | Family Photographer | North Bend, WA | Issaquah, WA | Snoqualmie, WA | Bellevue, WA

A couple of weeks ago my oldest turned 2.  The last two years have absolutely flown by.  I have loved watching him grow from a strawberry blonde newborn to a blonde rough and tumble toddler.  He is ALL BOY.  He likes, playing in dirt, climbing rocks, and tree stumps, swimming, playing with the dogs, and really just being outside.  He is as happy as can be just running around outside.  Outside may have even been one of the words he learned very early on in his ability to talk.  On his second birthday it only seemed right to take him to play outside.  By the graces of God, it was actually not raining for once in the Pacific Northwest.  This has been the wettest winter/spring season I have ever experienced.  We jump at the opportunity to get out in the dry weather.  We went up to rattlesnake lake where my little man ran, through rocks, climbed tree stumps, and attempted to go swimming.  He kept getting very frustrated when I pulled him out of that freezing cold lake.  All in all, he had a great day and I wanted to share some pictures from his Rattlesnake Lake adventure.