What Can I expect from my Fresh 48 Session?

Now that you know what a fresh 48 session is and you are ready to book, you may be wondering, what can I expect? This is an intimate time in your life. You just had a baby, you’re exhausted! I know, I get it. In fact, you have been exhausted for the past nine months and you just ran a marathon, you are really really tired. I’ve been there I have done it twice (soon to be three times). You may be thinking, what can I expect by inviting a photographer into my room when all I want to do is cuddle my newborn and sleep, well lets throw in drink a vent coffee and eat some sushi too.

(disclaimer…I don’t even like sushi that much, just this one roll from a sushi place in Seattle)

Ok so here it is. What can you expect?

What will I Capture?

Remember how I mentioned up there in the first paragraph that all you want to do is cuddle your newborn? Well, i’m going to capture that. I’m going to take photos of you loving on your baby. Smelling your baby’s hair, kissing baby’s head, just staring at that beautiful face you brought into the world. I’ll ask you to snuggle your baby, get in close, hold your baby’s hand so we can show off those tiny fingers, get their toes. All sorts of little details.

Do you have an older child? I would LOVE to capture your children meeting for the first time. I get teary eyed every single time because it’s just so sweet! It is my absolute favorite part of the job.

I will photograph your family with the baby, you with the baby, your husband with the baby, all of your family together, baby just by itself. Baby in the bassinet, baby swaddled, baby’s details, etc, etc, etc.

The thing is, your newborn will change within a matter of days. You will never get these days in the hospital back. I will capture those details for you so you will never forget them.


What if I can't get out of bed?

That is A OK with me. No one expects you to get out of bed. I can get every shot I need to get with you lying right there in that bed. In fact, I don’t think I got out of bed during my fresh 48 session.


What if my older child/children don’t like the baby?

Some kids run inside to meet the new baby with an excitement you have never seen, some take some time to warm up (especially the younger kids). Usually after they explore the room a little bit, get some attention for themselves, realize it’s ok to snuggle with momma, they are totally interested in meeting the baby! Cue the cute kisses on the head and big smiles from big sister and brother meeting their new baby! Don’t fear, we will get those heart melting moments on camera.


What will you do while your here?

Well I will photograph your baby and family, but i’ll also stay out of the way when needed. If you need me to leave the room while the doctor is in there, I am more then happy to step out for a moment. I will be there for however long you need me, if you are tired and ready to be done, then we can be done. It’s a very laid back session that goes at yours and the baby’s speed.


How long will it take to receive my photos?

I know how exciting this time is and you want to see your photos as soon as possible, I want to put all my attention into making sure your images are perfect. I do my best to have your photos back to you with in a week. I work hard to make sure you have them back in a timely manner so you can show off your new baby’s photos to friends and family.

Ready to book your session? Shoot me an email at Kristin@Kristingroverimages.com with your due date.

fresh 48. Kristin Grover Images. Jacksonville, FL

What is a Fresh 48 session?

What is a Fresh 48 session?

Have you heard the term fresh 48 from photographers or friends that were booking them and thought, what in the world is that?

A Fresh 48 session is a photography session that takes place within the first 48 hours of a new baby’s birth. Most of the times they happen in the hospital. It captures all those details of when your newborn enters the world. Baby’s change so fast, I cherish my fresh 48 photos from both of my son’s births. I love to go back and look at their brand new hair, my oldest had strawberry blonde hair and my youngest had dark brown hair. They are both blonde now!

What types of photos do you take during a fresh 48?

if the newborn isn’t a first child I love to get the siblings meeting for the first time. The emotion that shows in everyone’s face is incredible and I love documenting it. You may be thinking, well what if my oldest doesn’t like the new baby, are you going to capture that? I’ve seen some siblings take a little while to warm up to the idea that their momma is holding another baby, but at some point the older sibling always gets curious enough to come say hi and even give the new baby a kiss or a rub on the head.

I also like to get the little details, hands, feet, tiny ears, baby in basinet and swaddled in their hospital blankets, and their family just loving on them. It really is a special time that cannot be recreated. Why not get it on camera?!?

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And now…Check out my most recent fresh 48 session. This momma is a dear friend of mine and it always makes my heart swell to do these sessions for friends!

fresh 48. Jacksonville, FL. Kristin Grover Images
fresh 48. Kristin Grover Images. Jacksonville, FL, Baptist Hospital
fresh 48 session. Kristin Grover Images. Jacksonville, FL
siblings meet. fresh 48. Kristin Grover Images. Jacksonville, FL
newborn session. fresh 48. Kristin Grover Images. Baptist Downtown
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