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Green Cove Springs, FL.  A Gorgeous spot for a Photo Shoot

I wrote a post a few weeks ago (or maybe even a couple months ago) about a session at Spring Park in Green Cove Springs.  That session took place early in the morning when the sun was rising over the water, it was really a beautiful session.  This family wanted their photos at the same park, but we got to do a sunset session!  I really fell in love with Spring Park in Green Cove Springs, FL when we did the sunrise session, but I fell in love all over again with this sunset session. 

The Golden Hour Light

The golden hour is my favorite time to do a photo shoot.  The light was so golden and gorgeous and it just draped through the trees with the Spanish moss hanging.  I love everything this park has to offer.  The fields, the water, the gazebo, the Spanish moss draping from the trees, it really speaks to a photographers heart with all the variety!  Just down the road there are some antique buildings, a theater, church, and houses too.  It really is a great park for a photo shoot!

Family Sessions with Young Kids

This session there was a lot of running and game playing again.  They had a 4 year old and a 1 year old, so games are par for course.  I'm thinking their kids slept well that night!  Check out some photos from their session and tell me what you think about this location! Would you want your family photos here?

The Best of 2017 | 2018 Goals with Kristin Grover Images

2017 was one for the books, both personally and professionally.  I had my second baby in February, I quit my full time "day job" to focus on my kiddos and growing my photography business, I went head first into photography and haven't looked back, we moved across the country from Seattle to Jacksonville (where I am from), and I am soaking up all the time with my family and friends that I have desperately missed over the past 6 years.  It has been a busy year and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

My Personal Goals

I have learned some things about myself in the process and have set some 2018 goals to foster this knowledge.  Having two kids is hard work, especially a toddler and a baby, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I learned this year that when my fuse is short and my temper flares, I am not taking care of myself.  So a goal for 2018, take care of myself.  I know every mom out there with young kids gets it when I say, sometimes showers just don't happen.  In 2018, they are happening! The simple task of getting ready in the morning, putting clothes and makeup on set my day up for success.  

I also learned that pregnancy just hides my dairy intolerance, it doesn't just go away.  This year I am focusing on a healthier, dairy free diet, and getting myself back in the kitchen to explore with new recipes and healthy food.  The ease of takeout has taken a toll on my body and I cannot let that happen anymore.  I will be healthier and happier when I am cooking food to fuel my body, not just to curb the current hunger in our busy lives.

I don't feel like these personal goals are too much.  I know a lot of people make resolutions and don't stick with them, I don't want to do that.  These things I want to focus on in 2018 are for me, to make me healthier and happier for my family.  There will definitely be obstacles along the way, so I would love it if you shared your favorite dairy free, healthy, family friendly recipes! Bonus if they are 30 minutes and under....because kids...

Professional Goals

A professional realization I had this year was that I am addicted to education.  Clickin Moms does and fantastic job at marketing their classes and breakouts because I want to buy them all.  I just love it.  Soaking in new information, trying new techniques, and growing as a photographer from continuing education is something I really really enjoy.  I'm taking Megann Robinson's course on the bloom forum this January and I am SO EXCITED.  Her work is amazing, the colors and tones she gets really speak to my heart, I can't wait to dive into her course.  However in 2018, I cannot spend all my profit on education.  That just would not be a wise business decision.  I have a couple big things coming up this year, with Megann's course in January and the Click Away conference in February, I do not plan on buying anymore big courses.  I want to dive into the material I already have and go over it again.  I'm sure I can learn new things from courses I have already taken, I have grown a lot as a photographer since the beginning.  a 2018 goal for me is to cap my education expenditures and dive into course material I already own to learn more.

Book Recommendations

I recently read a book called Business Boutique, by Christy Wright.  It was recommended by a friend of a friend at a kid's bday party so I didn't think much of it for awhile, until I saw it at the library and picked it up.  Wow, this book is incredible.  My best read of 2017, and a goal for 2018 (In January to be exact) is to go back through the book and write out a business plan for the year.    I am not reading a book on SEO, not my favorite subject but a necessity.  Next on my list is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Check out the links below (affiliated with amazon) to view these books and get your copy!  

What books do you recommend? Are they business related or fun reads? I like both!  Comment below with your recommendations! 


One of the things through my business course I took this year and the books I have read is that I need to be consistent with blogging.  It helps you, my clients, get to know me.  Its a great way to share my work and my thoughts.  Even if they are just lifestyle photos of my kids, I plan on blogging and sharing more in 2018.  What do you want to see me write about? Any topics you want me to share?

Project 52

A couple years ago I attempted a project 365.  I quit by February or March.  I was working full time and living in Seattle and when I got home, it was dark.  I got frustrated with the lack of light and taking a photo everyday and I quit.  I regret this.  I wish I had gotten creative with artificial light, tried new things, just picked up my camera everyday.  I know I would have grown more as a photographer.  This year, I'm doing a project 52.  That's one lifestyle photo a week.  I'll be sharing those on the blog weekly too.  A project 52 seems much more manageable the a 365, so I'm very excited, I took some last night when the kids got home from daycare so I'm excited to start editing those and start sharing! Stay tuned to see more every week.


In short, I don't have too many crazy goals for the year. Take care of myself, cook more, pick up my camera more, don't spend so much money, and share more.  I can do that right? Will you all help me stay on track? I hope so!  

My 2017 Families

Thank you to all my families and seniors who hired me in 2017 to be part of your year.  It truly means so much to me.  I'm looking forward to photographing you all in 2018 and meeting some new families as well.  Thanks for reading my long post today! Here are my favorite photos from 2017!!! I realize I haven't even blogged some of these family sessions yet.  Stay tuned for more from those.

Now, I'm off to my first shoot of 2018, a fresh 48 session, my favorite!!!!

Finding new photoshoots location

Is my City Pretty?

Have you ever looked at your friends photos and think, that location is so pretty, I want my family photos done somewhere like that park!  Sometimes you look around and can't possibly think of anywhere pretty enough in your city for family photos.


Maybe you want something on the water, but everyone does beach photos, and you want something different.  What about your friend who looked like they were in the forest? That was so pretty! How about those antique buildings you saw in that blog post that one time?  What a cool idea?


I am here to tell you, we can make that all happen! As a photographer, it is my job to know what locations work and what locations don't work.  You may pass by a spot on the side of the road and never give it a second thought, but it turns out those photos you saw with gorgeous golden grass were taken right there.


You may not think your city is pretty, but every city has some incredible locations, and as a photographer, I know where to look and find these locations. 


You may be thinking right now, what is her point?  My point is this.  When you book your family photos with me, I want to hear what inspires you, what you loved about your friends family photos and what you didn't like.  I want to know about your hobbies and the likes and dislikes of all your family members.  This all helps me determine the perfect location for your family.


Jacksonville, FL Locations


I grew up in Jacksonville, but when I was growing up I wasn't a photographer, I was a lot like you, wondering what made those photos so gorgeous?  I moved away to Seattle 6.5 years ago and it was the best move for my photography career.  Why is that you ask?  Well I was new to the city, I was in explore mode, I was looking for what made locations gorgeous.  I noticed the light, the trees, or city line, how crowded locations were, the cool old buildings, that deserted warehouse.  It taught me how to look at a city I grew in, in a totally new way.


A Park on the Water


I got to this location a little early, we were doing an early morning session this day, so I got to watch the sun rise over the St. Johns River, and it was gorgeous!  As I sat there watching it, I wished my family had shown up early so we could have gotten some amazing sunrise photos.  Of course this momma had 4 kids to get out the door for a sunrise photo shoot, so early was not happening.  I was impressed enough she was on time!  I also just loved the draping spanish moss at this park, it is one of those beautiful things that makes me love being a photographer in Florida.

Check out the Sullivan Family's photos below at one of my new favorite locations!  



2019 Senior Model Program Launching soon! | Kristin Grover Images

Time for Senior Portraits



If you are a junior in high school it is time to start thinking about your senior portrait experience.  What do you want it to include, what locations sound appealing to you, how many outfits do you want?


Most high school students have their senior portraits taken during the summer before their senior year starts.  The weather is usually better and with all of the school year activities, this is the best time to really devote to your senior portraits.


What is a Senior Model Team?


Have you ever heard about senior model teams and wondered what it was all about and how to become a senior model?  If you want the best senior portrait experience available, then this is the route to go.


How does it work?


The main objective of being a senior model is to be the face of Kristin Grover Images Senior Team.  You will be responsible for bringing referrals to Kristin Grover Images, and in return you will earn a fun senior year portrait experience with stylized shoots, friend photo shoots, prom, homecoming, and cap and gown photo shoots, gift cards towards your favorite restaurants, and money off your senior portraits.


During the winter of your junior year I will put out an application to become a senior model representative.  I will hold interviews and select a few senior models from each high school.  The application will include questions about your high school, the activities you participate in, your activity on social media, why you want to be a senior model, what you like about my work etc.


After interviews are held (with the senior and parent), I will select my team. 


Shortly after the team selection we will hold our first photo shoot with the entire team!  This will be your preview shoot, you will use these images to advertise to your friends to start bring in referrals.  


How you bring in referrals is completely up to you, You can tell your friends and hand out representative cards (which I will provide). You can post on social media, you can simply tell your friends about Kristin Grover Images.  You can put as much effort as you want into it, the more referrals you bring in, the more you earn towards your senior photos and other incentives throughout the year.  


Check out some of the photos from last years senior rep team! We had so much fun during the year and I'm looking forward to a new Senior Model team for 2019 Seniors!

Fill out this application located here to become a 2019 Senior Model for Kristin Grover Images.

Chris and Chantel are Engaged | Seattle, WA | Smith Tower Engagement

I don't often do engagement sessions, but I couldn't resist when one of my husband's best childhood friends invited us to be there with him while he proposed to his girlfriend.  I felt like we had been waiting for this moment forever! Although probably not has much as Chantel did!  

The Smith Tower

The Smith Tower is a piece of history for the city of Seattle.  It was the tallest building west of the Mississippi for many years.  There is an observatory deck, old time elevators, with an elevator attendant, old time bathrooms, and even a pent house apartment at the top.  Such a cool piece of history.  At the top of the tower is the observatory deck with a bar attached.  In the bar area is one of the original chairs to the smith tower, it is said if you sit in it you will be married within a year.

The Plan

Chantel's friends told her they were going to the smith tower to learn about the history because they had tickets for it.  Somehow they got her to dress up for it too! They picked her up and she took her sweet time getting to the top of the tower where Chris and several friends and family members were waiting for her.  She looked at all the exhibits! If only she knew what was waiting for her at the top.  The entire Smith Tower staff was in on the plan as well! We got a phone call in the bar that she was headed up the elevator, her friends guided her to sit in "the chair" when out of no where Chris appears on bended knee in front of her.  Such an amazing moment! I'm so glad I was there to witness it and capture it on camera.  

Congratulations Chris and Chantel, I am so excited for you!

Chris and Chantel engagement, Kristin Grover Images, Jacksonville, FL family photographer
Chris and Chantel engagement, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, FL family photographer, waiting for Chantel
engagement at smith tower, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl family photographer
chris and Chantel are engaged, Jacksonville, fl engagement photographer, kristin grover images
Chris and Chantel are engaged, the smith tower chair, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, FL engagement photographer
just engaged, chris and Chantel, kristin grover images engagement photographer, Jacksonville, fl
just engaged, chris and Chantel, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, FL engagement photographer
If you are wanting to have your engagement captured, please contact me at to discuss the details!

If you are wanting to have your engagement captured, please contact me at to discuss the details!

Emily's Senior Session | North Bend, WA | Jacksonville, FL Senior Photographer

I had the greatest group of senior models this year.  They were all a stand up group of people and I'm so honored they chose me to be their senior photographer.  They all played sports, danced, and were a part of their church.  They were also some of the best babysitters I've ever had! bonus points!

Why I love photographing high school seniors

There is certainly something inspiring about this group of kids.  I always leave senior sessions feeling a bit invigorated.  They are always so much fun.  They are still kids but they are about to be adults in the big world.  They are excited about that, but also excited to be seniors in high school, and it all radiates off of them.  I love capturing that last year of childhood for them (and for their parents more importantly). I also love how the world of senior photography has changed since I was in high school.  Gone are the days, where we all went to a studio, put on a black dress or suit and held our red rose while we smiled at the camera.  Thank goodness for that!  Senior sessions today are so much more beautiful, timeless, something I would want on my wall forever.

Snoqualmie Valley, WA

I called this place home for 4 years.  It was such a beautiful place to live and an amazing backdrop for all my photoshoots.  Emily and I started out at Gillman Village where they brought in historical old buildings to make up the shopping center.  A very fun place for a photoshoot!  We then headed over to meadowbrook farm, which is a bit iconic for the valley and adds to some already amazing photos.  Emily then led us to one of her favorite spots by the river where she hangs out with her friends, bonus points that we captured a gorgeous sunset here!  Emily, her mom, and I had such a blast for her senior photo experience.  I hope you enjoy some of these from her session!

Jacksonville, fl senior photographer. Kristin Grover Images. Emily's senior session
Emily's senior session. Kristin Grover Images.  Jacksonville, FL senior photographer
Gillman village, issaquah Washington. Kristin Grover Images. Jacksonville, FL senior photographer
Emily's senior session, North Bend, WA, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, FL senior photographer
Emily's senior session, north bend, wa, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer
emily's senior session, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer
Emily's senior session, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer, kristin grover images
Emily's senior session, Jacksonville, FL senior photographer, kristin grover images
emily's senior session, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer, kristin grover images
Kristin Grover Images, Emily's senior session, Jacksonville, fl Senior photographer
Emily's senior session, hats, kristin grover images, Jacksonville, fl senior photographer

In home newborn session | The Spencer Family | North Bend, WA Newborn photographer

About six weeks ago, little baby cooper was born.  I got to be there when his big brother met him and I'm sure you have all noticed how many photos I have posted of this little cutie!  Well today is his big brother's third birthday! We got to celebrate with him yesterday and I got to steal a few snuggles from this little nugget while we were there! I do love my baby snuggles!  My five month old is already too wiggly and on the move for me to snuggle him.  I write this as he is bouncing up and down in his jumparoo squealing with delight. 

First Days home

Those first days home with a newborn are always a big learning experience, whether its your first baby or your fourth baby.  All babies are different and the those first days are when newborns and parents get to figure each other out!  I love in home newborn sessions for this reason.  I don't care if your house is messy or if you look like you haven't showered in a week.  I am there to capture your newborn baby, their tiny features, moments of you holding your baby, the nursery you spent hours decorating.  I want to document you with your baby in your space, that's why in home sessions are important and special to me.  

Cooper | 4 days old

I do love this family and I have loved photographing them several times over the past year.  So here you have it, my favorite photos of little Cooper's in home newborn session.

Jacksonville newborn photographer. kristin grover images. in home newborn
kristin grover images. Jacksonville newborn photographer.  in home newborn.  cooper
kristin grover images. Jacksonville newborn photographer. north bend, wa. in home newborn session
in home newborn session. kristin grover images. Jacksonville, fl newborn photographer. cooper
praying feet. kristin grover images. Jacksonville, fl newborn photographer. in home newborn. cooper
crib photo. kristin grover images. Jacksonville, fl newborn photographer. north bend, wa. in home newborn session

Our Day out with Thomas the Train | North Bend, WA family photographer

Did you know Thomas the Train goes on tour? Well he does, and he comes to the small town right next to ours, Snoqualmie, WA.  At first I didn't have much interest taking my two year old, I really didn't think he would get it.  We have Thomas the Train books and have read them many many times, which he loves, but an actual event, I thought would just be a bit overwhelming and crowded for him.  He has this way of tugging at my heart strings though.  We saw Thomas go past one day while we were out in town, My husband got out with C and they waved to all the passengers on the trains.  He was sold.  Absolutely sold.  All I heard about for a week straight was how much he wanted to ride the train.  So here I am, hiring a babysitter for my youngest and taking C to ride Thomas.  

Day out with Thomas Fair

There were so many activities to enjoy, bouncy houses, pictures with Thomas, train tables GALORE, a fake tattoo tent, a gift shop, and all the food you could imagine.  We walked around and explored everything they had to offer.  It is held at the Northwest Train Museum in Snoqualmie, WA so there are a lot of old trains to look at and explore.  C had a blast.  Of course I had a blast too, a mommy and C date, watching the joy on his face, and documenting it all.  Not to mention the view from the train, I had no idea it was so pretty! I highly recommend checking it out during the summer while it is running.


kristin Grover Images Day out with thomas looking at trains
Kristin Grover Images, A Day out with Thomas, Exploring Trains, Northwest Train Museum, Snoqualmie, WA
Kristin Grover Images, A day out with thomas, in the drivers seat, Northwest Train Museum, Snoqualmie, WA, North Bend, Family Photographer
Kristin Grover Images, A Day out with Thomas, Northwest Train Museum, Snoqualmie, WA, North Bend Family Photographer
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Newborn Fresh 48 session | Kristin Grover Images | North Bend, WA newborn Photographer

Oh newborn babies! they are so tiny and cuddly, they just steal my heart.  I never quite understood wanting the hospital photos, until I had my own.  Even if their looks change drastically from those first days, I love documenting just the way they looked the first days of their lives.  I have the moment my two sons met on camera.  It will forever be my favorite photo.  It has so much meaning to me.  Young children change so drastically and siblings only get to meet once for the first time.  Having these moments documented is important to us mommas!  

Cooper | 14 hours old

I met this family when both our oldest were in daycare together.  Neither of us are from Washington, so we have that special "I'm not from here" bond!  I have been lucky enough to photograph them many times, as they have had several milestones to capture over the past couple of years.  We have formed a great friendship through daycare and photography as well!  Such a great feeling that my art has brought us together as friends.  I strive to get to know all of the families I photograph so it is a natural feeling photoshoot.

I was so thrilled to be asked to come to the hospital and capture Cooper's newborn photos as well as big brother getting to meet his little brother for the first time.  It was such a touching moment, I was fighting back tears myself.  Looking back at these photos makes me want to run over there and snuggle him again.

When does it take place?

The fresh 48 session takes place within the first two days of a babies life.  Typically in hospital or at home, wherever the baby was born.  It is great to capture those little details of a newborn.  First doctor checkup, first bath, first time meeting family members, little fingers, toes, feet, noses.  

Will mom and dad be in the photos?

Yes, Yes, Yes! of course we want to get you holding and loving on your little one.  You and your children will cherish these photos.

Check out baby Cooper and his family loving on him below.  Just 14 hours old! 


The McAfoose Family | One Year old portraits | Jacksonville Beach, FL Photographer | Lifestyle family portraits

The day before I was supposed to leave to head home from Florida I headed to a state park to do one more family session.  Then the famous Florida downpour started.  Gotta love those afternoon storms!  I live in the Seattle area in Washington so I'm certainly not afraid of shooting in a little rain, but this might have been more then just a little.  Somehow this amazing family agreed to meet me at 6:30 in the morning the next day before my flight left so we could get their photos done and we lucked out! Great weather and of course another family who makes my job so easy.  I love meeting new families and people through work, that's why i'm so lucky to be a full time photographer.  I think spending time at home with my family makes me appreciate capturing those moments on camera for other families even more.  It makes my heart happy! So here you have it, The McAfoose family and their adorable little girl who just turned one!


The Canto Family | Jacksonville, FL Photographer | Family lifestyle photoshoot

I feel like a broken record, but on my trip I was lucky enough to photograph all of my best friends families.  its such an honor to be asked to photograph them.  They really love and trust my work which makes my heart happy.  I connect with them all on a deeper level automatically because I have known them for many years.  Because of this, I get amazing photos.  Its what I strive for in all of my family sessions.  I want to connect with your family as well as show the connection between your family members.  By the end of a session I want to feel like we have known each other for years.

These girls are so stinking cute.  I can't even stand it.  The oldest one's curl's are so incredible! and the little one's personality rivals my two year old's. I love how they play together! Big sister was always checking on little sister to make sure she was ok.  They were so adorable.  Little sister followed in big sister's footsteps and tried everything she did.  These two will clearly be best of friends for life!

Check out some of the photos below from their family session.


The Klein Family | Jacksonville Beach, FL Photographer

This was such a touching photoshoot to do.  Christie and I have been friends for going on ten years.  We have always been each others champions.  As soon as I started taking on clients and she saw my work she always told me how much she loved it and wanted me to do their family photos.  She was the first person who booked me when I told her I was coming to town.  This made me nervous! What if I didn't do her justice? What if she didn't like the photos?  Turned out I had nothing to worry about.  It was such a fun session playing with her little girl and she was all about getting in the moment and letting the waves crash over them for some fun shots.  I love spending my morning with families who are all about the fun of a photoshoot.  Family photos don't need to be stiff and posed! The Klein's were a great example of that!  Check out some of the photos below.


The Savy Family Beach Session | Jacksonville Beach, FL photographer

Carly and I have known each other for years.  Probably almost 15 years now.  Its really hard to believe it's been that long!  She is one of my closest and dearest friends.  We were roommates before we found and married our husbands, and now are kids are close in age.  I moved far away from her and it makes me sad, I love watching our kids play together when I come home to visit.  What an honor to be asked to photograph her family every year.  I don't think there is anything that makes me feel more accomplished as a photographer then when my friends make sure I have time to do their family photos when I come to town.  They are so fun to photograph.  Their little girl is full of energy and a blast to run around and chase on the beach.  I think I captured how much fun we had playing.  What do you think?  


Becky + Zach's Maternity session | North Bend, WA | Maternity and Newborn photographer

I have some pretty amazing clients that hire me to do their family photos every year.  I love when clients keep coming back to me.  It means they like my work and I get to watch their family grow and really connect with them.  I met Becky and Zach a couple years ago when our little guys were in the same daycare class.  We became fast friends and now I am privileged to capture their fun, energetic family on camera.  Their two year old is one of the cutest around of course.  They are expecting baby number two in July, I can't wait to meet that little guy and snuggle him, oh any take his newborn portraits too!  

Big brother is already taking his new role in strides and loving on his baby brother non stop.  I can't wait to see what an amazing big brother he is going to be!  He kept us running and laughing their entire maternity session.  I love this kid's energy! He's so fun.  Being able to really capture the connection between this family makes my heart happy.  See for yourself!  Let me know what you think in the comments:-)

Did you know when you book your maternity and newborn session at the same time you receive a discount?  Contact me at for more details!