What Can I Expect From My Newborn Session with Kristin Grover Images | Jacksonville, FL Newborn Photographers

Are you looking for a newborn photographer to capture those first moments with your new little baby? Not sure what comes with a newborn session? I’m sure you have heard of newborn sessions taking up to 4 hours, making sure baby is sleepy, and young so the baby is sleepy. I’m here to tell you, not to worry about those things when you book a newborn session with Kristin Grover Images. Read on, let me rest your mind of some of your worries.

When should a newborn session take place?

This is up to you! I love sleepy baby shots, but I also love awake newborn photos with amazing eye contact. You want to know something, your babies eye color will change, so let’s get a photo of how it is right now! You may be dreaming of your newborn session from the time you got pregnant and want to do it right away. If you are up for it, lets do it! But maybe you just want to come home and relax for a few weeks before trying to take pictures. That’s ok too! I’m here for you, i’m ok with doing a newborn session anytime you are ready. I do not require it to be within the first two weeks.

Why do some photographers require it to be early and you don’t?

I’m a lifestyle newborn photographer, which means I come to you, and take your family photos, with a focus on your newborn, in your home and environment. I don’t use a studio and I don’t do sleepy newborn poses. For this reason, I have more flexibility in timing of the newborn shoot. For me, it is important to document your family as a whole with this new little addition. I want to capture the love you have for your baby, looking down at baby, kissing baby’s forehead. If your newborn is wide awake, we can get some beautiful moments of you comforting baby or rocking the baby to sleep. At the same time, if baby sleeps the entire time, that’s ok too! We will get the same photos. We will document baby in the nursery, in your bedroom (where he or she might be sleeping anyways!) in the living room.

You may not live in this home forever, It will be nice to go back and look at the newborn photos in the home you brought your baby home too.

When do I contact you to set up my session?

Once you have decided I am the photographer for you, go ahead and email me your due date and we will get you on the books. I leave plenty of space for about a month around your due date to make sure we find a time that works for your family for your newborn session. When baby is born, let me know and we will get your session planned!

Do you offer deals for booking more than one session?

Yes Yes Yes! I have a package deal for Maternity, Fresh 48, and Newborn or just any combination of the two sessions. In addition, I offer a $100 discount for booking a session yearly with me.

How should I prepare my house for our session?

I like to shoot in the living space, nursery, and master bedroom, however I really only need one good window with light for the entire session, so if those spaces won’t work for you, then it isn’t a problem. I can help clear any clutter that will be in the photos when I’m there, or you can clear some of the clutter, but you really don’t need to worry about much, just relax and I will help, I promise you all these beautiful newborn photos you see don’t take place in perfectly clean houses, we will just move what we need to!

Warm the house up a touch, that way if we do some photos of the baby in only a diaper or swaddle, the baby won’t get too cold.

Feed baby right before I get there if possible. That’s about it! I try to keep it as low key and stress free as possible. I don’t want you to worry or feel any anxiety about your session.

I just had a baby, what if I don’t look good in the photos?

I’m the professional, it is my job to make you look good! I know the proper angles to flatter you. I also recommend wearing something that you feel comfortable and good in, this will help you love your photos.

Please check out some of my favorite newborn photos below! And remember if you are expecting book with me now to reserve your time on my calendar. I cannot wait to work with you!!