What Type of Gear I Use | Kristin Grover Images | Jacksonville, FL photographer

One of the things that sets a professional photographer apart from the crowds is professional gear. There are a lot of entry level cameras on the market these days that are affordable for many people. I highly recommend grabbing one, its how I started on my photography journey!

I wrote a similar post not long ago, and since then, my camera bag has been revamped! I am a total gear junkie. I absolutely love buying new gear. It’s a total weakness of mine! I used to shoot Nikon, and I loved my Nikon gear, it served me really well. But, i’ve had my eye on the Sony Mirrorless cameras for awhile, I decided to test the waters, and then I just kept going.

So…Here it is, an updated list of what’s in my camera bag!

Main Camera: Sony A7Riii

Backup Camera: Sony A7iii

Lens: Sony 90mm macro 2.8

Lens Sony Zeiss 55mm

Lens: Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Godox V860ii Flash

That’s it! This gear gives me everything I need. I store it in my Peak Design Backpack and i’m one happy girl.

I will be investing in some new lighting equipment soon, as I just finished up a Off Camera Flash workshop (oh I’m a workshop AND a gear junkie…and makeup and skincare….) and i’m so excited to dive into using more off camera flash. Here are some photos i’ve taken with my new gear. And if you take my advice and buy yourself a camera, let me know, I’d love to show you how to use it.